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My journey with Essential Health started 3 months ago through their Wellness Practitioner Sharon Joubert. My leg muscles were in terrible pain after being hospitalized with covid neumonia in December 2020. The pain did not go away for a long period, and tried a lot of remedies and nothing worked. Was then referred to Essential Health by a friend, and they discovered that the nerves in my legs were damaged, hence the pain and could not seat or stand for a longer period. After taking the medication and following blood type diet, today I feel stronger, I can stand for longer period and this improvement happened within the 3 months. The journey is not over yet, but it's been worth it all the way. Beyond just the medication I got from Essential Health, I've also learnt to eat food that suit my blood type and that also assist. I'm stronger then before, thank you.


- s ngcobo

I had an absolutely amazing experience at Essential Health where I was warmly greeted by Sharon who was assisted me. The actual atmosphere as well is so calming and relaxing as well which just adds to the experience. The process is something I've never been through before, but I was absolutely blown away as to how fascinating and interesting the scans were as well the detox. Life is busy and it's incredibly important that we look after our bodies through the hustle and bustle of daily living. I will be making this a regular visit so I can keep my body in check and my health in good order. Give it a go, you will not be disappointed!

- c crow

Highly recommend Sharon from Essential Health Wellness, goes the extra mile in assisting with your health.

   - v mower

What an incredible appointment with Sharon, who helped me put a plan in my place to get my health and wellness at it’s peak!

- e broodryk

What a wonderful appointment I had today with Sharon Joubert! I took advantage of her Special (only R250!) and went for a Quantum assessment and foot detox. Sharon is knowledgeable and informative without overwhelming you with too much information. Her treatment plan is easy to follow and I left feeling happy and with an action plan. I can't thank you enough.

- a de chazal

So grateful for Essential Health and all their help on my journey of Health and Wellness. Sharon is a new therapist there who is passionate about helping others ⭐️ A breath of fresh air ❤️

- l comrie

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