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What an amazing experience...My hubby told me that he booked us for this massage at first I wasn't to he told me Go For It You Will Thank me later...Sooo Thank you babe it was exactly what the Mind Body and Soul needed...

I feel like a new person .so free and I have an open mind abt how I look at myself n my surroundings

I feel so Grounded and Positive

I will most definitely be doing this more often ,can't wait to see wat my next appointment holds for us ...

To Jahnavi you have a beautiful soul inside out

lots of thanks from my Hubby (Tees) and I

Dear Jahnavi

Your treatment was awesome, divine, rejuvenating, healing, comforting. You are so easy to talk with.

I was so suprised that Tash enjoyed her session.

It's her first experience and as assured Jahnavi, if Tash enjoyed it then you must know how good you are .

Tash does not go to anyone.

She was absolutely taken away and I'm hoping she will be back to you .

My treatment was out of this world . It's the first really full bodied massage I've had since my accident in 2016 and every bit was remarkable.

With all of my health issues which we discussed before I had my treatment, and your acceptance and understanding of my issues, I didn't expect to have such a indepth experience and that is what it was.

Your treatment, healing and hands are Divine.

The hot towels just immediately relaxed me. It just did it for me

The music was different and was much more impactful as the words kind of went straight into the entire therapy and strength and the technique is out of this world. As for the neck and head massage, especially the neck it was Wow. I have really bad neck issues and you are excellent.

I felt completely easy with my body after my treatment. That was a emotional and wonderfully exciting thing as I'm always so awkwardly in discomfort and pain.Feeling so well renewed.

I will be back every month.

I'm sure with ongoing treatment and my weekly physio I will be doing much much better.

Thank-you so much.

Your hands, your healing, your heart, your warmth.

Be Blessed

Jeev and Tash

16th October 2021

Five Star treatment today at Essential Health Wellness Centre by Jahnavi Vidya. After a very full year I really needed to destress. In her beautiful studio Jahnavi Vidya took such good care of me. The stress just melted away during her Lotus Massage. Not an ordinary massage for sure! I relaxed so deeply in her care, bottled up emotions could be released. It was such a gift to feel a deep sense of peace and wellbeing after that massage. I wanted to release the stress in my body but gained so much more. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to just let go. Jahnavi Vidya and her big heart must be commended. Something like this is rare to come across. The Centre itself is also absolutely stunning. I will be back (next week!)
- Yogendra

I’m feeling amazing after my massage with Jahnavi! The afternoon after my massage I was feeling very emotional in a good way and just felt so much more connected to myself. Thank you so so much I can’t wait for my next one!  Also feeling pain free and very relaxed!
- Cayley Nossiter

I have NEVER experienced a massage anything like this before. Beyond Bliss is the only way I can describe it, and then to top it all she explained to me who I am and why I do and feel the things that I do. cannot recommend Jahnavi enough
Jane Butler​

Dearest Jahnavi. Thank you so much for the most special massage and thank you for acknowledging me on all levels. Body, mind and most of all on my soul level. The pains I experience in my feet are virtually non-existent and overall I'm feeling amazing and uplifted. I did take your advice, once I paused to listen to my body. I knew what it was that needed to be said and words have been released and I'm feeling peaceful about so many decisions I have made for self-care. Thank you once again, your presence during the massage is light and love.... beyond words. Bliss
- Paula Pea

Thank you Jahnavi for the most incredible massage! You are truly talented with such a special energy. Your venue has such an immense aura and ambience that leaves one feeling totally rejuvenated when you leave. It has been fantastic being treated by someone of your calibre and capabilities. I recommend the Lotus Massage by Jahnavi and am confident that your patrons will thoroughly enjoy the experience! Best wishes to the Lotus And Jahnavi.
- Kirthi Biseswar

I was so fortunate to visit a stunning tranquil place called “The Lotus” in Westville. Jahnavi Vidya gave me a two-hour magnificent body massage. It is truly a treat to pamper the body with such an amazing gift. Today I feel rejuvenated and rearing to go. It's so wonderful how spirit knows exactly what you need and in perfect timing. Thank you so much Jahnavi. Jahnavi’s massage therapy consists of a combination of techniques including Reiki, reflexology etc. It is used to relieve deep muscle tension, reduce stress, boost the immune system, balance the subtle energy system of the body and completely revitalise on all levels. The massage is done with healing in mind, using intuition removing stagnant energy from the body.
It is truly a treat to have experienced one of Jahnavi’s massage. 

- Traci French, Body and Mind

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