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Very friendly and professional staff. Cait, was wonderful. Very informative and supportive. I look forward to a wonderful and healthy journey with you guys. Thank you

- c sadler

Since Feb 2015 I picked up a nasty condition on my back (after shingles) where I battled with excruciating pain on either side of my neck, going all the way down the center of my spine. Being in the blood group Type A, I am naturally a stress freak, “diagnosed” OCD and highly tense all the time. These terrible attributes had started showing up in my body and these pains were the biggest tell-tales! In May 2019 the pain had gotten so bad that I took a muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory together, to ease the pain and aid me in falling asleep. I had barely slept in over a week as the pain was keeping me up, but on the 23rd of May I was so exhausted that I got desperate for pain relief.


The next morning Lee suggested a quick session with Zara the Osteopath and a cupping session with Cait. I immediately felt my body breathe a sigh of relief whilst Zara worked on my back; this started my road to recovery – THE best 10 minutes of my life! I had the cupping treatment done thereafter, on my back. The cupping was initially sore but it brought me immediate relief, so much so that I had actually dozed off on the massage table - natural, unaided sleep, something I hadn’t experienced in over a week! I was elated, to say the least! When I got home, I continued with the twice-daily application of the magnesium body butter which aided fundamentally in my pain relief at home. The pain eased and my body relaxed enough for me to fall asleep from the very first night after the initial treatment. I have a newfound respect for osteopathy and cupping, I have discovered my miracle and I shall never forget what joy both treatments have brought me!!

Thank you Lee, for suggesting both these treatments, they worked hand in hand, one released and the other healed – I found my perfect combination! 
- Sarika​

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