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"After my OCR competitions, I sometimes feel sore and tired.  OCR is really hard work and my mom gave me the magnesium balm, it helps my muscles not feel sore the next day. My longest competition so far has been a 4-hour endurance obstacle race and I hope to make it to the under 16's world championships soon"
- Ruairi (Obstacle Course Racing)

"From my athletes to my more mature patients, magnesium is essential for joint and muscle health and recovery as well as creating energy to live life to the full.  I love using the magnesium balm as the absorption is amazing through the skin and you can apply it exactly where you need it. It's my go-to product to support my osteopathic treatments"
- Dr. Zara Valentine, Osteopath

Each productive day ends with the night.  A night when I know I just won't be able to go to sleep. I lie wide awake. I try different sleeping positions and music. Nothing works. I hear the bird's first early morning calls. I see the sky lightening between the trees. I realize I haven't slept a wink.  Until.....I started to use magnesium for stress and anxiety. Now I put my fingers into a jar of soothing magnesium and then I rub it under my feet. These nights I sleep beautifully. When I am ready I snuggle beneath my soft duvet with my head on my feather pillow. In no time at all i am asleep. A sleep that is deep and peaceful. Now I look forward to the chirp of the birds and the sight of the lightening sky and I smile. I am deeply rested and ready for another fulfilling day".
- Felicity, late 80s, going on 21 ;) 

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