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We are about to open up a serious can of worms!


We have all heard the story about having worms, right? But I bet you haven’t

heard the one I am about to tell you!

First and foremost, what is a parasite?

Parasites are organisms that need another living thing (a host) to get the

nutrients they need to survive.

What are the types of parasitic infection?

There are 2 main types of parasites that cause infections in humans:

Protozoa - Protozoa are single-celled parasites. They can infect your

blood, intestinal tract (gut), brain, skin, eyes and other parts of your


Helminths - Helminth is a general term for parasitic worms. Scientists

further classify them as flukes (trematodes), tapeworms (cestodes),

roundworms (nematodes) and thorny-headed worms

(acanthocephalans). Both adults and immature (larval) helminths can

infect you. Helminths usually infect your intestinal tract, but they can

also infect your skin, brain and other tissues.

How do you tell if you have parasites?

1. Book in for our comprehensive full body analysis

2. Answer this simple questionnaire:

Do you struggle with:

  • Skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, rash, dermatitis?

  • Grinding your teeth at night?

  • Food sensitivities like dairy, lactose, wheat, gluten, etc?

  • Migraines or headaches?

  • Sleep issues like insomnia or restlessness?

  • Aches and pain or sore joints and muscles for no reason?

  • Weight loss, increased appetite, or both?

  • Abdominal pain, diarrhoea, constipation or both?

  • Fatigue, low energy levels?

  • Weakness or feeling unwell?

  • Deficiencies in nutrients (specifically iron)?

  • Allergies?

  • Leaky Gut or IBS?

  • Food cravings, especially sugar and carbs?

  • Insatiable hunger?

  • Low blood sugar or difficulty fasting?

  • Brain fog, anxiety, mood swings or depression?

  • Rectal or anal itching?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you have some

unwanted visitors living in your body, and you are in need of a Parasite


Parasite Invasions are much more common than you think. They are also one

of the biggest underlying causes of most health issues!

Did you know that a Full Moon affects the parasites and worms in your


It’s true! Parasites are more active during a full moon, and its science, not

astrology or woo-woo. This also means that your symptoms may be worse

during the week of a full moon. And at its worst, the night of a full moon!

Bet you didn’t know that!

Why is the Moon Relevant?

Your body’s circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle) responds to the moon’s

cycle, and parasites are more active and reproductive corresponding with

your circadian rhythm. During the full moon, we produce less melatonin, the

neurotransmitter that helps with sleep and immune function. With lower levels

of melatonin, your immune system doesn’t fend off parasites as well.

Serotonin, your “feel good” neurotransmitter, increases during the full moon.

Parasites love serotonin, as it allows them to move more freely, reproduce,

get stronger and feed. They also use serotonin to communicate and create

biofilms (protective coating) in your body, so they can hinder your immune

system from getting rid of them.

It’s common to deworm pets, cattle, and horses regularly, but not humans.

Modern science and culture has forgotten what our ancestors have known for

centuries - parasite cleansing is necessary for optimal health. You can see

how the moon cycle impacts our health and why it’s the perfect time to evict

these critters from your body. So if you have pets, kids that love playing in

the dirt, or simply haven’t dewormed yourself and your family in a long time

then you desperately need to do a parasite cleanse!

(ps. The next full moons are the 3 rd of July, 1 st of August, 29 th of

September, 28 th of October, 27 th of November and 27 th of December –

make sure you add these dates into your calendar and plan your

parasite cleanses 2 weeks before and after these days. A parasite

cleanse should be done for a minimum of 1 month)

We have put together some go-to Parasitic Pack suggestions for you and

your family to evict those unwanted guests from your body. (These packs have

been constructed to assist with a full months Parasite Cleanse)


1x Essential Health Parasite Go Capsules – R180,00

1x Willow Wellness 3 Day Bowel Cleanse – R130,00

1x 50ml Milkthistle Tincture – R85,00

1x 50ml Dandelion Root Tincture – R85,00

1x 50ml Sutherlandia Tincture – R85,00

1x Essential Health Digest Restore Tablets – R175,00 OR Willow Wellness

Digestive Enzymes – R245,00 (this is dependent on your blood group and

your stomach acid levels)


1x 50ml Essential Health Wormwood Tincture – R85,00

1x 50ml Essential Health Olive Leaf Tincture – R85,00

1x 50ml Essential Health Sutherlandia Tincture – R85,00

1x 50ml Essential Health Milkthistle Tincture – R85,00

1x Willow 3 Day Bowel Cleanse – R130,00

Add these supplements in if you want to ramp up the Parasite Cleanse:

Black Cumin Oil

Colon Detox

It is time to say goodbye to those unwanted visitors. And there is no better

time then NOW!!!

For any further information please contact 083 654 9943 or


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