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"why can't i sleep?"

Sleep is probably THE most important thing that you can do for yourself daily. Sleep allows our body to regulate itself so that the following day it is ready to go!

Did you know that while you sleep your body has particular functions that it does? Well it does. So picture your office. During the day the cleaners cannot clean the office, as everyone is currently busy working in there. So what do they do? they wait until the offices close and then they bring in all the cleaning equipment to clean out. If they didn't do that, then your dustbins, toilets, offices would be dirty the following day again and it gets worse and worse day after day. The same with the body.

So when we go to sleep the following cascade of stuff happens:

from 9pm till 11pm your hormones. This balances out the hormones and allows the adrenal glands to rest so that your stressed brain can calm down enough for your body to sleep in a relaxed way.

from 11pm till 1am your Gallbladder takes over and from 1am to 3am your Liver does its job (so if you are waking at any of these times during 11pm to 3am then you need to look at the health of your liver and gallbladder and your digestive system.

from 3am to 5am is the lung function

from 5am to 7pm is the large intestine

So if you are not sleeping correctly look at the important organs not able to do their job! Sleep is very important. Let us help you find out WHAT the condition is. Book in for a test with one of our amazing practitioners on or 083 654 9943 or 031 171 0187

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