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The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. The primary function of the lymphatic system is to transport lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells, throughout the body.

In simple terms, The Lymphatic System is our internal plumbing system that removes waste from our bodies and supplies the body with fresh, clean fluids. Just like the plumbing in our houses.

Here are some signs that your Lymphatic System is backed up:

- Headaches

- Brain Fog

- Swollen Lymph Node (theses are located in the neck, armpit, chest, abdomen (belly), and groin)

- Lack of energy

- Recurrent sore throats

- Mucous in the morning

- Post Nasal Drips (especially after dairy and flour)

- Ear popping and ringing

- Lowered immunity

- Constipation or sluggish bowel movement

- Unable to lose weight

- Swelling in hands, feet, ankles and legs

- Itchy Skin

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