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pitts or puffs?

Your armpit is called a pit not a puff.

Armpit fat, also known as axillary fat, is a collection of fat separate from the rest of the breast. The fat looks like a small pooch next to the armpit. Axillary fat may occur in women who have normal breast size and body weight.

Swollen lymph nodes in the armpit can be a sign of common viral infections, such as the flu or mono. They can also occur as a result of a bacterial infection or RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis). In some cases, swollen lymph nodes are a symptom of cancer. Lymph nodes (erroneously called lymph glands) are a part of the lymphatic system, a component of the body's immune system.

There are several groups of lymph nodes, which are small, bean-shaped, soft nodules of tissue. The ones most frequently enlarged or swollen are found in the neck (a chain of lymph nodes is located in the front of the neck, the sides of the neck, and the back of the neck behind the ears), under the chin, in the armpits, and in the groin.

  • The lymphatic system consists of nodes and ducts spread throughout the body. They bring the lymph [the tissue fluid surrounding the cells, which contains white blood cells (lymphocytes), fluid from the intestines, and some red blood cells] back into the circulation through the veins. Lymph contains a concentration of infectious and other foreign substances (antigens).

  • Lymph nodes are small clusters of cells, surrounded by a capsule. Ducts go into and out of them. The cells in lymph nodes are lymphocytes, which produce antibodies (protein particles that bind foreign substances including infectious particles) and macrophages which digest the debris. They act as the "cleaner" cells of the body.

  • The lymph nodes are a major site where foreign substances and infectious agents interact with the cells of the immune system. A major cluster of the lymph nodes is the spleen, which, apart from other functions, also helps fight infections and responds to foreign substances in the body.

Look at the top part of your body with a sports bra on. (This is the top of the Thorax of the human torso). With your arms by your side, look at the bulge between the top of your chest, next to the armpit. Is it puffy? This could be fluid retention in the Axillary glands of the Lymphatic system, located underneath the armpits. Now raise up your arm and look at your armpits. If they are “puffy” this could also be fluid retention where the lymph glands underneath the arm are not draining. Your under arms should be concave pits, not puffs. You should be able to put your fingers into the pit and easily and painlessly feel your rib cage.

Now, let’s have you look at your collar bone area. Behind these bones are drains for the lymphatic system and its very important that these are open in order for toxins to drain down the Thoracic Duct and into the Intestines to keep fluid moving out. If you have puffiness/fluid retention anywhere around the collar bones, neck or chest, you may want to consider doing a session of Lymphatic Drainage where you can learn more about this important system and start draining fluid from overwhelmed tissue.

Lymphatic massages can help:

  • Decrease stress in the body system.

  • Improve circulation of body fluids to reduce swelling.

  • Expedite the removal of waste and toxins from the body’s tissues.

  • Stimulate the lymphatic system to increase lymph circulation.

  • And most and best of all NATURALLY LOSE WEIGHT!

So contact us now to reduce your puffs to pitts! Here's to a healthier life!

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