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Functions of the Liver

Are you really trying to lose weight but no matter what you do you just cannot get rid of the fat around your belly? Well it can be as easy as helping the liver to detox to get rid of that stubborn fat.

FUNCTIONS OF THE LIVER: 1. Processes of nutrients from food 2. Stores sugars for later use 3. Produces bile 4. Produces cholesterol 5. Removes toxins and combats infections 6. Processing and storage of vitamins and other important nutrients 7. Maintaining levels of FATS, AMINO ACIDS,and GLUCOSE in the blood 8. Protein Synthesis 9. Manufacturing and regulating hormones especially those that help blood clotting formation

So do you see it? Do you see how the liver can literally help you lose weight without too much effort? So what is so important about Bile in the body and how does it help with weight loss? In a nutshell without the liver creating proper amounts of BILE the body cannot break up fat. Think of it this way. If you wash fatty glass dishes, would you wash them in just hot water? Or would you add Sunlight liquid or a dish washing soap to clean them? Obviously you would use some sort of dish washing liquid. WHY? TO BREAK UP THE FAT IN THE WATER SO THAT THE DISHES CAN BE CLEAN RIGHT? Exactly! So we need to do the same in our body. Of course you won't be drinking dish washing soap or liquid (please don't do this at home) but you will be detoxing the liver so that the body can do this on its own through the good function of the liver and gallbladder. Time to get Detoxing!


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