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dna hair analysis

How amazing is our body??? It's INCREDIBLE. After 18 years of doing what I do I still marvel daily at how incredible our bodies actually are. We are not just slabs of meat. We are uniquely, loving, phenomenally put together. Every single cell works with another and another and another for the total balance and wellness of our bodies. So as C@#$D came around I started realizing that people were scared. We were made to be afraid of literally everything. We were scared to go out. We were scared to shake hands, touch, hug, kiss. We were afraid of this virus that was going to attack us on every corner and kill us or our family. And yes C@#$D has been shocking. It has been killing people. People have lost so much in the past 2 years and not just to C@#$D but because of the lock downs etc.

So I thought maybe there was a way we could still help people to get their health right, to look at their bodies and help them with their healing process without actually seeing them face to face to save them the fear of C@#$D virus. So enter our DNA Hair analysis screening tool. It is mind blowing. I am naturally a skeptical person. And I always test and double test and triple test anything that I find, especially on myself before on others. And the results were incredible.

So this is how it works:

Step 1: You cut a lock of hair (with only you touching it) and place it into a bank bag or an envelope that you can seal. All we need to know is Name, Contact details such as phone number and email address to send report, date of birth and IF you know your blood type that would help too. No info on your current status of health or anything is necessary. It allows us to look at the body without having our own prejudices and ideas of what is happening in the body. Its a blank slate.

Step 2: You drop it at Essential Health OR if you are out of town you send it to us via Postnet

Step 3: We test it as if you were sitting right in our offices

Step 4: We do a full report (believe me it is very detailed)

Step 5: We send you the report via email and await feedback.

Step 6: We put together the remedies we recommend in the report and if blood tests are needed we send you the blood test form for you to do and all moves forward to health from there

It has never been easier. It is also the absolute best thing for littles ones as how do they sit for an hour consultation? We can take our time looking into your little ones health with them still at school or climbing a tree :)

Easy as 1-2-3!

So what can we pick up? EVERYTHING!

Our report is broken down into Musculoskeletal, Digestive and Immune, Hormones and Heart and Brain. In this we look at every functioning part of each of these areas of the body. It is a holistic look at the body and mind. We look at emotional issues and bacteria, viruses, hormonal imbalances, blood flow issues and the list goes on.

Here are just some testimonials:

"Faced with a life and death situation with my brother seriously ill in hospital we turned to Lee , a practioner we have come to trust not only as an incredible healer but honestly a miracle worker . My brother was in ICU attached to every conceivable machine , dialysis , oxygen, tons of drips to stabilize him so we could not get him to Lee . On her suggestion we took a lock of his hair and Lee did an analysis and gave us a full description of his complication which the blood tests the following day confirmed. Thank you Lee , your analysis and precise diagnosis indicated to us what our course of action needed to be . We are eternally grateful and can recommend the hair analysis with complete confidence. Koobeshen and Kumseela Naidoo"

"Good evening Lee,

Trust that you are well. I would like to give you a big thanks for the testing done for my little girl. The report/ results of the hair analysis was unbelievably accurate and extremely helpful. The process was not only professional but the patience and detail given has helped us tremendously in understanding why our little girl has been getting the reactions as well as how better to deal with it. Your help and assistance is greatly appreciated.

Regards, Sheli"

"Hi Lee Many thanks for analyzing my hair, it is so in depth you have blown me away. Thank you.

Once I have read through it properly I will WA you, but so far you have picked up on all my areas of concern, the constant running nose, tiredness, pain in my left knee and foot, and pains near my heart.

Thank you again


Ps I had the covid vaccine"*

*we had picked up that she had had the covid vaccine by her test results

So if you are wanting to be part of this amazing new way of testing please contact us on:

or 031 171 0187

or 083 654 9943

or 082 929 0367

Looking forward to helping you heal!


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