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Flu season is here… are you and your family prepared?

As we all know, flu season has crept up on some of us, and knocked us off our feet. Being left man down for days on end. Clients are complaining of sinus congestion, headaches, sore throat, fatigue, body aches and pains, shortness of breath, and a terrible cough that will not

go away!

But that is where we step in!

With your health and wellness in mind, we have formulated some Immunity Pack Suggestions and Specials on our full body comprehensive analysis to ensure that this flu

doesn’t keep you, and your loved ones down. To get your hands on these specials, make sure you use the code *002* so you make sure you get the deals you deserve!

Some consult specials we are running at the moment are:

Cold, Flu and Congestion Fighting Special (R745,00 – save R100):

- 30min Epsom Salt Soak/ Detox (the Epsom Salt contains all the essential oils found in our Magnesium Pain Balm) - the benefits of the Epsom Salt soak are endless, but to name a few benefits:

Lymphatic Flow, Inflammation, Sinus Congestion and Muscle Aches and Pains. With the added benefit of it being a Foot Detox which assists with flushing out toxins, inflammation, lymphatic drainage etc.

- 100ml Anti Parasite Drops - to aid in killing off any unwanted parasites, infections and bacteria’s.

- 100ml Immune Tonic - designed to build and strengthen the bodies immunity

- 100ml Healthy Lungs - used to strengthen the lungs, increase alveoli function, shortness of breath, chest pains caused by colds and flus

- 50ml Immune System Throat Spray - the best for sore throats, tonsillitis, sinusitis, post nasal drips, and boosting immunity

17D Special:

This special includes a Quantum Magnetic Analysis PLUS a 17D Analysis for only R450! This consult with provide us with the ins and outs and root causes of what is going on in your

body from a cellular view. We will look at the inflammatory responses, infections, bacteria,

parasites and virus, chemical imbalances (and so much more) within your body!

(Use the code *002* to book for your 17D Special today)

Quantum Special:

This analysis may be quicker than the 17D Special, but I can assure you that the results

are comprehensive and thorough! Providing us with feedback on the functioning of your

body and where some areas may be struggling. It also includes a FREE 30min Ionic Foot Detox to assist with getting the toxins flushed out of your system. Think of this process as a mini service for your car ;) PLUUUUUUS we have further discounted this special for this month only! Using the code *002* will guarantee you an extra R50 off!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the products we are about to discuss, please click on the link attached and shop till your hearts content! You will find a wide variety of natural products that range from liver health, gut health, hormone support, pain management,

vitamins and minerals, anxiety and stress management all the way through to delicious 100% raw honey straight from the Karoo (p.s this is a must have for colds and flu’s, as it is filled with loads of healing properties) as well as Activated Charcoal Sticks and Koins

for Water Filtration! We have it all on our online shop..

If you are interested in some ideas for Immunity Packs then keep reading ;)

Make sure to use your special code *002* to ensure you save!

Pack #1: Basic Adults Immunity Booster Contains the following:

100ml Essential Health Healthy Lungs

100ml Essential Health Immune Tonic

100ml Essential Health Anti Parasitic Formula

50ml Essential Health Immune Throat Spray

Pack #2: Advanced Adults Immunity Builder Contains the following:

100ml Essential Health Healthy Lungs

100ml Essential Health Immune Tonic

100ml Essential Health Anti Parasitic Formula

50ml Essential Health Immune Throat Spray

500ml Silverlab Colloidal Silver Tonic

30ml Silverlab Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray

PLUS you can add any one or all of these to your immunity packs to really boost your immunity up!

Nutrilife Quercetin and Bromelain Capsules for R175.00

Essential Health Curcumin Capsules for R290.00

Essential Health Magnesium Pain Balm (p.s this is a top seller!) for R180

Pack #3 for kiddies contains the following:

50ml Essential Health Elderberry

50ml Essential Health Echinacea

50ml Essential Health Olive Leaf

500ml Silverlab Colloidal Silver Tonic

50ml Silverlab Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray

250ml Essential Health Kiddies Magnesium Balm

Should you wish to get more advice chat to Cait on about other health packs we offer, pop us a message on 083 654 9943 or email us on


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