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Essentially Young Celtic Salt 400g

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Boost Your Nutrient Absorption

Take your nutrient intake to new heights with an up to 7% boost in food-nutrient absorption. Allow your body to optimally assimilate the goodness from the foods you consume, carving a pathway to a nourished and healthier life.

Support Your Digestive Health

Embrace the support Celtic Sea Salt lends to your digestive system, enhancing the breakdown of carbohydrates into easily absorbable nutrients, reducing bloating, and improving nutrient utilization for a comfortable and happy gut.

Balance with Natural Electrolytes

Maintain a harmonious balance in your body with the essential electrolytes present in Celtic Sea Salt. Experience the proper fluid balance, perfect nerve function, and smoother muscle contractions, heralding a body in perfect rhythm.

Alkalise Your Body

Move away from the acidity brought by conventional table salts. Celtic Sea Salt comes with alkalising properties that help in balancing your body’s pH levels, fostering a conducive environment for overall health.

Soothe Your Skin

Discover the secret to soothing irritated skin with the organic plankton and magnesium found in Celtic Sea Salt. Indulge in a warm salt bath for healthier, rejuvenated skin, naturally.

A Sustainable and Organic Choice

Choose a salt that aligns with your ethical values. Harvested from pristine waters and devoid of harmful additives or chemicals, it’s the sustainable, organic choice for the conscious consumer.

A Flavourful Addition to Your Garden

Witness a revitalized garden with the nutrient-boosting properties of Celtic Sea Salt, encouraging healthier growth and vitality in your potted plants, adding a lush touch to your green space.

A Rich and Authentic Flavour for Your Culinary Creations

Elevate your dishes to gastronomic delights with the rich and authentic flavour of Celtic Sea Salt, bringing out the best in your culinary creations.

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