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What we are seeing after C@%&d vaccination

We have now had a few months after the start of the government mass vaccine rollout, and we are having clients come in post vaccine. Some of them have been before so we can judge the before and after, and some are new. So this is what our machines are picking up in clients post jab:

  • Blood flow tremendously weakens specifically on the side where the jab was administered

  • The nerves are severely affected with Neuralgia predominantly coming up

  • Mitochondrial function diminishes significantly. Therefore body has zero energy and battles to regenerate. So the body has "loadshedding". No power

  • Autonomic nervous system gets affected putting people into a stress state

  • Inflammation rises tremendously throughout the entire body

  • White blood cells increase

  • Thrombocytes increase

  • Lymphatic system slows and lymph nodes swell up

  • Neurangiosis and Neurasthenia (today called nervous exhaustion) becomes predominant. Therefore the body goes into mental and physical exhaustion

  • Body sometimes warns of Myocardial infarction ie Heart Attack. Some people show this some don't

  • Ischemia (an inadequate blood supply to an organ or part of the body, especially the heart muscles) shows up in every person. This does show in the media and is a main side effect of the jab.

  • We have seen many people who speak of feeling depressed and extremely angry after jab

  • Shingles.

  • Problems in the facial nerves from the neck up to the head causing hearing issues, dizziness, headaches, shakiness and brain fog

  • Stroke approximately 1 to 2 weeks after 2nd jab on side of jab predominantly

  • Some clients have died

We are all shocked at the changes this jab makes in the body and can definitely see why there are so many people complaining post vaccine. We can SEE it on our screens and we are extremely concerned 😟

If you have had the jab and are struggling we can help you. You need help. Your body needs help.

Contact us on 083 654 9943 or 082 929 0367 or 031 171 0187 or

Get your life back!!!!!!!

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